Weight loss solutions for the endomorph – get your regimen started the right way!

Weight loss for the bigger person! Exactly how do those “round” folk set out removing some of that unwanted adipose tissue then?

Firstly, let’s define the characteristics of an endomorph guy. He is normally solid, shorter, broad and with a stocky build and thick limbs. Overall, his muscles are strong and he quite often is found in strength pursuits such as Power and Olympic lifting. The endomorph’s body type is generally rather soft and he gains fat very easily. Endo muscles are strong, especially in the upper legs - they are naturally strong in leg exercises like the squat.

The typical endomorph:

• finds it hard to lose fat

• gains muscle along with fat very easily

• is generally short in stature

• lacks muscle definition

• has a round shaped physique

• has a slower, sluggish metabolism

• is soft and round in body

• is "stocky" in build

The endomorphic body is the result of a slower metabolism, so these guys cannot get away with eating whatever they want. They require good, well balanced weight loss meal plans. The order of the day is frequent, fat burning, low-calorie, lower carb meals and exercise-wise, train with weights and include cardio.

Ladies … your female counterpart of the endomorph is called a “pear” or an “apple”. You tend to have a:

• capacity for high fat storage and therefore put on weight easily

• constant struggle to maintain a healthy body weight

• curvy body, large bones and a broad roundish face

• hip structure wider than your shoulders

• small to medium bones, limbs that are shorter in comparison to your trunk

• propensity to put on shapely muscle mass through strength training.

As mentioned, the endomorph is best engaging in regular weight training to gain an ideal muscle to fat ratio. This helps improve the metabolism.

That’s right; training with weights will add muscle to create a balance between your upper and lower body and speed up your metabolism so your body burns fat more readily. Get some cardio exercise going as well to help burn fat and attain that healthy body fat percentage!

Now, let’s get down to some weight loss meal calculations to get your plans happening. As a starting point for weight loss: If you are sedentary, take your bodyweight in pounds and multiply it by 10-12.

(For the Metric conversion of pounds to kilograms you divide your bodyweight in pounds by 2.2. e.g. if you weigh 135 pounds you divide by 2.2 to arrive at 61.3 kilograms. Metrically, if you weigh 61 kilograms you would multiply by 2.2 to arrive at 134.2 pounds).

So, if you weigh 135 pounds and you do minimal exercise, your calorie calculations are: 135 x 10 = 1350. 135 x 12 = 1620 calories per day for your weight loss meals.

Our sedentary 135 pound ectomorph would need to eat from 1350 to 1620 calories per day. For folks who exercise 3-4 times per week your calculations are based on bodyweight (in pounds) x 12-14. People who exercise 5-7 times a week should aim for bodyweight (in pounds) x 14-16.

The ideal macronutrient starting point should be: 25% protein, 55% carbs and 20% fat. Please bear in mind that everybody is different – there’s no “one size fits all” here so use the above information to get you up to the starting line.

OK, now a very important tip for you … HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS MEAL FREQUENCY IS BY FAR THE MOST IMPORTANT OF THEM ALL FOR THE ENDOMORPH! Everything else falls in behind.

You’ll get much better results with your dieting meal plans if you follow them closely and feed your body more often, in the right manner.

Please … do not skip meals, as you’ll lose those opportunities you have with regards to weight loss. Don’t sabotage your diet fitness program by skipping meals or workouts.

The entire abovementioned calorie calculations and macronutrient ratios are approximations only. Use them as a starting point and adjust as you go along. In finishing up I trust the information I have provided for you is sufficient to get you well underway to that healthy lean body you are seeking!